We’ve Made It To New York City

The Modern Milkmen

"It’s always a treat to see them. I have to beat the ladies away from my door!" Check out these two modern day milkmen who are delivering fresh milk across our area. More: http://cbsloc.al/2lqqn4Q

Posted by CBS New York on Friday, February 17, 2017

What our milk get from the field to families in the Big Apple.

Trinity Valley Dairy has hit it big big as in Big Apple New York City big. So if you’re in the area and drink milk, white or chocolate, labeled Manhattan Milk Company, what’s inside actually is produced from our cows and bottled on our farm.

Manhattan Milk is a truck-to-table delivery service founded in 2007 when Frank Acosta and Matt Marone made it their mission to bring back the milkman. The iconic blast from the past has been a huge success. Deliveries to the Big Apple are made once a week to customers’ doorsteps and businesses, sometimes with a wink and always with a smile the same kind of service that appealed to people in the 1950s, although orders can now be made online and with a credit card.

Currently, Trinity bottles about 250 gallons of milk for Manhattan, and then ships it to New York City for weekly distribution to roughly about 100 people in the Big Apple.

Pass the chocolate...
People who ate the most chocolate a day — up to 3.5 ounces — had a 14 percent lower risk of heart disease and a 23 percent lower risk of stroke than those who ate no chocolate. The researchers then lumped the data in with nine other studies that measured chocolate consumption and heart disease. The combined pool involved nearly 158,000 people.